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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

campin' & stuff

We went camping this past weekend! That is such therapy for me! The really nice thing is....the people we camp with have the attitude, "It's your what you want & have fun!" no one gets all hurt or offended if you choose to sleep almost the whole weekend (which is pretty much what I did....LOL)! I did go on 2 real nice (& sometimes scary) wheeler rides! I think I've just had so much stress & so little sleep in the past couple of months that it just caught up when I had the chance to relax! We did have a wonderful time though!

We got home Mon night & of course, I stayed up til around 6 am. Around 7:30 am, I found out my friends were not quite moved out of their old house to their new house. So, I went & spent the day helping them! Now, I have their little doggie as a foster child until......? She is the same breed as my dog and a little sweetheart! The 2 of them get along beautifully (I thought my dog would be jealous but, no she's not)! The thing that gets me is....I came home from work tonight & couldn't find either one! Well....they were both piled up in the bed with my husband! Good thing they're little...LOL! Well, the new baby has now taken a liking to my hubby & refused to leave his side! Why? I cannot figure out the answer to that question! I spoil them as much as he does! MY dog became his dog! Now it seems, this doggie prefers him too! He never wanted a little dog but wouldn't have any other breed now....he just can't help loving them! It's quite funny, actually! They are Silky Terriers.....wonderful dogs!!! I guess I just have to spoil them when he's not home cause they just stick with him when he is! I'll live though....really! In the pics, Paul is holding my dog, Sadie & the other beautiful Silky is our new foster child, Flossy!