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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deann Part 2

OK....Deann is alive.Drugs seem to be THE big problem. She was found in an abandoned home with a guy,and they were beating each other up. He was arrested for Drugs (meth), paraphenalia and domestic violence. They let her go......WHERE? Who knows. she doesn't have a home anymore! Why didn't they take her to a rehab or detox center or somewhere? I don't get it! That was 1 week ago. I still have no clue where she is, but she is still least a week ago she was.


My daughter, Deann, quit speaking to me. I really think drugs are involved. She has now disappeared. We reported her missing 4 days ago. No one has seen her, her phone is disconnected, and she also quit getting in touch with the other kids. Her friend tells us she hasn't heard from her in over a month. Last night when I got home from work, there was a message from a detective on my phone. Ashlee had already heard it and called the police dept. The detective will not be in until this morning, but they did tell us he was a homicide detective. I am worried!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back to work

Mom is gone. Zyon's back to school, and I am back to work....for a few days! One more week off this summer over Labor Day! I have only been camping once this summer and am pretty upset about it!! Usually we go at least 3 times, but my husband (the workhorse) picked up too much work this summer! I know he means well, but he knows how disappointed I am and how grumpy I get when I don't get out of 'Dodge' once in a while! Oh well! Hopefully next year we'll go more, or I may get angry enough to sell the camper.....well.....probably not....LOL!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MIL Part 2

We have had so much fun with my MIL! It has been a very good and much needed visit. She has done a lot around here, even though I keep telling her to stop! We didn't ask her here to cook or clean, but she keeps saying, "I like doing dishes!" I'm not sure I'm buying that one....LOL! She leaves Fri. I'm pretty sure we won't get her out this way again. Well......maybe I'll have to take a little trip to NY.....hmmmmm!

Friday, August 15, 2008


My Mother-in-law will be here tomorrow....well, I guess today. It is, after all, Fri. I am very excited to see her! It's been 3 yrs. She left here on sorta bad terms, but she and I have been in touch most of the time. My hubby has had some difficulty getting over the hurt she caused. I'm sure when they see each other again, it will be alright! They are both wonderful people! So.....we'll see how this goes! She'll be here a week. If you have a family, it's really important to stay close if at all possible. I have never been close to my own family. I've collected one along the way (a couple of different people) but have always wished my biological one was closer!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I find myself really hooked on the Olympics! I always stay up late, but I can't sleep until I read! The Olympics are on so late, it makes for a late start in reading and, I go to bed even later! Oh least I can sleep kids are all grown! Some of my grandkids live with us but, they have a wonderful mommy that gets up with them! They don't wake me early! (Maybe they are afraid to......I can be quite grumpy early in the morning...LOL)!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm A Bad Mama!!

I cannot believe I have not shown off our most spoiled child! she is! (I hope I get the picture thing right...LOL)! Her name is Sadie Jey. She will soon be 11 yrs old! She is by far her daddy's girl!

This pic was taken by my 8 yr old grandson! he's pretty proud of it!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Here's To Family

Family......what is family really? Family are the people who love you for who you are....even if they haven't seen or spoken to you for 32 years! Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband, beautiful kids and grandkids whom I dearly love!!! I also have some people who have recently re-entered my life who I'll always consider family! I hope they stay in my life as I Love Them Dearly as well! They saved my life and are very special to me! I used to wish they were my parents. Back in the day, I was 14 years old but, I looked and acted about 10...LOL!! (TRUE). Now, we're pretty much in the same age group, so I guess they'll have to be just special family members! They are too young to be my parents!

There is also one other person who has been like a sister to me for almost as long. She lived with us when her stepmom booted her out at age 14. We both had strange households that we grew up in and became as close as sisters. She is also FAMILY!

My point is.....none of these people have the same blood as me! Does it matter? NOT AT ALL!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

computer moron here...LOL!!!

Well, I tried to edit the names under the Photos so they were in the right order but, I just made them worse! So, I give up! The tiny baby is Stephen and Stacy's newest, Luke (named after my brother). The BIG family is Stephen, Stacy and the rest of their children. BreAnna is in Stacy's arms. The pic of the Beautiful Mommy &2 kids is Ashlee with two of hers, Zyon and Alivia. The blonde baby is Ashlee's 3rd, Gavin. The cute girl (or woman....ooh that's hard) alone is Chelsea, my youngest. The 4 kids (adults?) are: Stephen (my 1st, standing...arm in cast) sitting L to R are Deann, my #2, Chelsea (#4) in the middle and Ashlee (#3). This was taken Christmas 2006.