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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm still alive (believe it or not)

I've been playin' with this new phone I got, going to movies (good ones), watching a lot of TV and generally, being lazy on my days off! Sometimes......I just don't know what to write about! I miss my family down in the good ole (WARM) south! I miss my (adopted) sis, Glory Ann and I miss my husband cuz we keep missin' each other with our different schedules! Sometimes, I get 5 or 10 minutes before I have to rush off to work myself! I miss the heck out of Kim and Rachael! They always put a bright spot in my day!
Well....there's my ramble for the day! Good night (well, I guess it's morning....LOL)!


Taggart's said...

I miss you too!
I'm back to work in 3 short weeks... (I'm happy and sad about that)

Rachael said...

I miss you too Tonster! When we going to the movie? I wanna see Taken. What do ya think? I hate my new job! I wish I was working back with you. Call Me!