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Friday, January 16, 2009

Been Awhile....

Sorry! Grandkids have been sick. Furnace broke down. Husband still workin' on the roof (sun or snow....makes me a little nervous). I work. Any more excuses? Naw....don't think so! I haven't really had alot going on except the aforementioned things! I'll include a pic of mypoor little sick, pathetic grandchild....LOL!! I think she plays it up a little, but she really was sick!

My son will be home at the end of the month from Alaska (BRRRRR)! It will be so good to see him again. The girls (most) are doing well. They're both in school. One is struggling a bit, but I just keep encouraging her & hope she passes everything! It will be hard for her but she can do it!

Now....just preparing to go see Adele this month & Celine (hopefully) next month! I sure hope she's not sick and doesn't postpone again! One of the sweetest people I work with is not going to get to go because of the last postponement! The new date just didn't work out! That would be disheartening to me!

Everyone's well (right this minute). I'm feelin' better. I hope you all are well too!