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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little Elves....too cute!!

So......These are 5 of my 13 grandbabies in the Elf Yourself Video! Zyon, Alivia, BreAnna, Gavin & Luke!! I wish they would let you put more in a video!! I think it turned out pretty cute!!


Andrew Clarke said...

Hi Toni, this is a lovable image. We appreciate pictures of our children like this, too. I just wanted to say I was interested to read your comment on my blog. I've got cousins who lived in Florida for a short time too, (they're actually Scottish, but their father was on an exchange study fellowship) and they too went through the bussing experience. As you say, it is a thing that you can't always invite friends from another race home the way you can friends of your own race. I had friends at school who were Chinese and Indian, and the same applied. One of them said it was just that "If you came to our place you'd have to eat curry all the time". It was partly ironic, but partly true. Sometimes the diet in a family home can be quite unlike what you're accustomed to. That being said, it is unfortunate that race has to be such an issue. In a really enlightened society, there would be fewer 'hang-ups' about it.