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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I met an amazing woman today with the most adorable children. It really made for an uplifting afternoon! I have wanted to meet this special gal for a very long time! Her parents mean the world to me and are the best people I know so, I was not shocked to see how special she was and how special her children were as well!


Kate said...

Hey girl! I will link to your blog if that is ok. And I would never leave a mean comment about politics on your blog. That is silly. I dont think either party or preson is all right. I think right is probably somewhere in the middle unfortunately the middle doesn't have a snowballs chance. Whoever it is I hope things can look up for some people. Love you gerl and want you to know that my friend Karen (Kare-Kare who leaves messages on my blog she is in PA school now) sheloves it when I ask a Medical question because she likes to answer and compare what she thinks to what you have to say. She admires your knowledge and knows you have many years in the med field and knows she can always learn from someone. She (so far) always agrees with what you say and loves it when you agree with her thoughts too. Your pics are too dang cute. Hope everybody is doing good. Stay warm.

~*~toni~*~ said...

Sure you can link to my blog! I don't even know how to do that!! LOL!!! I like reading Karen's comments too! PA! ambitious, isn't she? Good for her!! I, frankly, am happy doing just what I'm doing & have absolutely no desire to further my education. I'm getting up there in age too (though I know I look fab....LOL) and, school was way too demanding! Love you too!!!

The Gee Family said...

Friends are wonderful!! I am thankful for you being my friend.