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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Better than a patch!

Well... I've actually spent a lot of time crocheting lately. Trying to come up with the perfect hat for my friend's granddaughter. One that is not too big for her...LOL! I haven't crocheted in a long time.....and that was dolls. Cute dolls. I made 14 million (seemed like it anyway) of those while I spent time on bedrest. I made one a couple of years ago for a Christmas party. Other than that one, I hadn't made one in about 25 years. It sure helps me NOT smoke. That's good, right? Ahhhhh what a vice. Anyways, I have found this to be quite relaxing so, I think I'll get back into it!


Andrew Clarke said...

I hope you're well soon. Like you say, having something worth doing helps when you have to be inactive.
I've heard other people say the same thing exactly: they only get the flu when they have the shots that are supposed to prevent it!

Andrew Clarke said...
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