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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Rock and A HARD place!

It was a gorgeous day today (well...yesterday, really)! I hope that's really the beginning of spring! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with some dear friends at The Texas Roadhouse! Then, we rode around a little with top down on the convertible. We got home, our friends came in to visit a while and then......drama! My daughter is having a hard time understanding why she isn't allowed to have her boyfriend spend the night and my hubby seems to think that sitting on the bed, fully clothed (including shoes and not even touching, mind you) watching TV is a horrible sin! First of all, my daughter is 26 yo.....not 14! So needless to say, I do not have a problem with her boyfriend watching TV in her bedroom with the door open! So.....a disagreement occurred and our friends quickly left. I feel very bad that on one of the few nights my husband & I actually get to spend enjoyable time together and with wonderful friends, my daughter had to bring the drama! I love her dearly! She has made mistakes but, that does not change my love for her! She is working very hard in school! Why can't she just accept the help (lots of it) we are giving her and be greatful she has it? She will someday have her own place where she can do as she pleases. I have backed my husband up on the sleepover thing but.........watching TV? Come on!!!! Why can't she be treated like she has a little sense and be trusted a little? We all talked! Everyone loves everyone but, I really wish the talk could've waited without someone trying to run away acting soooo not the 26 yo she wants to be treated like! I hate being stuck in the middle but even more.........I hate that my rare fun night with wonderful friends was cut short because of a stupid argument!!!