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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight Time (uh oh.....I cheated)! I saw that Twilight movie. I have to say I enjoyed it very much! I did understand it but just from what I've read in the book so far, I am glad I went ahead and watched it! The book seems to be more detailed and, I think I would not have enjoyed the movie so much had I finished the book! I bought this movie for my friend's birthday and am supposed to watch it with her this week! I still want to and hope if she gets wind that I saw it, she'll still watch it with me anyways! You see, I bought it from Amazon and since it came out on the weekend, I won't receive it til Mon. Imagine my surprise when they sent me a code to watch it online at midnight! I tried to ignore it for a while and wait to see it with my friend but, well.....anyone who knows me knows I have zippo in the willpower dept. Still......I enjoyed it & will watch it again and again!


Andrew Clarke said...

Maybe I should check out that film, it's showing in my town at the moment. By the way, I was interested in your list, last post. There are some I could relate to, like wishing I'd been a better father. But there it is - God has oversight of it all. Good to hear from you.