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Friday, August 8, 2008

Here's To Family

Family......what is family really? Family are the people who love you for who you are....even if they haven't seen or spoken to you for 32 years! Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband, beautiful kids and grandkids whom I dearly love!!! I also have some people who have recently re-entered my life who I'll always consider family! I hope they stay in my life as I Love Them Dearly as well! They saved my life and are very special to me! I used to wish they were my parents. Back in the day, I was 14 years old but, I looked and acted about 10...LOL!! (TRUE). Now, we're pretty much in the same age group, so I guess they'll have to be just special family members! They are too young to be my parents!

There is also one other person who has been like a sister to me for almost as long. She lived with us when her stepmom booted her out at age 14. We both had strange households that we grew up in and became as close as sisters. She is also FAMILY!

My point is.....none of these people have the same blood as me! Does it matter? NOT AT ALL!!!


Andrew Clarke said...

I think you're quite right. My wife has an adopted sister, as well as a naturally born sister and brother. That sister has been a very caring 'auntie' to our children. In fact, she's much more of a sister to my wife, sister-in-law to me and aunt to us than the naturally born sister, having a much more Christian attitude. The bonus is, she physically resembles our children, be that sheer coincidence or divine providence. So I think it's true what you say. The fact that people do not share the same DNA does not mean they can't have a family bond.

Andrew Clarke said...

I forgot to add: if you feel like visiting my blog, it is

Gayla said...

I totally agree. It is wonderful to renew past friendships and then to find out the part we played in their lives that we didn't even realize at the time. It's interesting that although they think we have impacted their lives, in many ways they had more of an impact on ours. Friendships make life so much more enriched. Thanks for being a part of mine!

Gayla said...
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